Susan did a great job designing a website that is engaging and easy to navigate.  She is very responsive and timely with requests for changes.  I’ve had several people comment on how much they like our site.      

Sharon Bladen
RSVP Volunteer Center
Hamilton, MT  59840

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Dear Susan,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your fantastic efforts on making so much better.  You were able to take my ideas, understand them!, and bring them to life on the computer.  All of this at a reasonable price, quick turnaround, and "service with a smile".  I would be happy to recommend your service to anyone.

Best Regards,

Dan Frey
I can most heartily recommend the services of SMJ Designs. Susan was able to take my broke-down, moth-eaten, website and transform it into a professional and attractive format that constantly receives compliments from our members and web surfers. Working with Susan is also a very pleasant experience. She has the ability to grasp what your site is all about, works tirelessly on it, and communicates with you in English instead of computer-speak. You can't go wrong here!

Utah Bob
BOLD Law Dawgs

Sue Jones of smj-designs assumed management of the website for Historic St. Mary’s Mission, Inc. in 2004, as a result gift shop sales have increased.  Visitors are hard to pin point the reasons they visit a historic site.  However, myself as well as the volunteer tour guides receive compliments from travelers on the attractive website with interesting links.  Community people say the Mission’s website is easy to navigate and very informative.  We are seeing first time field trips scheduled by teachers for on-site Montana history lessons.  The Mission’s professionally designed website reaches people that no other form of advertising can.  The photographs and text used in the links puts people from all over the world in touch with Historic St. Mary’s Mission in Stevensville, Montana.  I now receive e-mail messages asking very specific questions on anything from the Salish Tribe, Jesuit Fathers and early pioneer families, to medicine and music practiced during the late 1800’s.  The website is an excellent way to share the story of the first permanent settlement in Montana, as well as the first church structure in the Northwest. The Mission’s website peaks the interest of many visitors to e-mail, call, or ultimately visit Historic St. Mary’s Mission.

It is difficult to compete in the information filled society of today. The advertising budget for Historic St. Mary’s Mission, Inc. a non-profit corporation is very limited.  Therefore, the material that is produced must be very attractive and filled with emotion in order to reach the reader. Sue Jones also does outstanding graphic design for newsletters, flyers, posters, programs, and invitations.  Sue devotes the time to and interest in each project and accomplishes an individual design to fulfill the promotional needs for Historic St. Mary’s Mission. 

Respectfully submitted by
Colleen Meyer

Executive Director
Historic St. Mary’s Mission, Inc.
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My experience with smj-designs has been the single best thing I could have done for my website.  Working with smj-designs has been a joy.  Susan's hard work made my website look professional, which resulted in a direct increase in sales.  Susan designed my header, and made my website user friendly for all web browsers.   My experience with smj-designs has given me a better understanding of the Internet, and how websites should be designed.  Susan continues to provide me with tips on website design, promotion, and SEO.  The prices are very reasonable, and she really works hard to provide good solutions. Smj-designs is the place to go, for all your website needs.  I'm satisfied!!!!             
                                                             Dan Bracker, Webmaster: 

                      Bracker's Native American & Fine Diamond Jewelry Store

"Without Susan Jones professional advice and talented input a novice such as myself would have been completely floundering in her attempt to create a web-page that matches, if not surpasses, the best on the www. The page header designed by smj designs is impressive, eye-catching and projects my writing style perfectly."

Tricia McGill,
Australilan Author

Boquete Lots in Panama
Tricia McGill Austrailian Author
Bracker's Fine Jewelry
Historic St. Mary's Mission
BOLD Law Dawgs
RSVP Montana
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The great part about doing site design, re-constructs, graphics, print material and so on, is the wonderful people I come in contact with. Besides being great to do business with, they all have one thing in common and that is the  desire to put their best foot forward, whether it be on a web site or print material for an event.

My customers challange me and help me to grow with each new project.  Preconcieved notions have no place in designing, as each customer is an individual with their own idea of how they wish their business to be presented.  To meet those expectations is truly  rewarding.